Merced’s Community Violence Intervention and Prevention Task Force
"Gang and youth violence is not just a police problem, it is a community problem. It is going to take involvement from the entire community if we are going to make a difference."

John Bramble , City Manager
City of Merced
“There is no one program that will solve all our problems, if there was, people would be implementing it across the country. It will take a combination of programs, including faith-based efforts, to overcome the problem, and it will not happen overnight.” said Merced Police Chief Norm Andrade

Merced’s Community Violence Intervention and Prevention Task Force consists of local agencies, individuals, faith-based, and community organizations working collaboratively to reduce violence in our community.

Our Vision:
The Com-VIP Task Force provides leadership in prevention of violence, intervention and enforcement to help our community become a safer place for all.

Our mission:
In order to accomplish our vision, we will:

  • Educate the community about violence and gang awareness
  • Help people create and continue constructive behavior
  • Assist families with parenting and other skills for character development
  • Provide information and resources for intervention and prevention
  • Encourage community wide ownership of this effort

Parents' Guide to Gangs:


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